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 When we placed our deposit on the house in February 2001 we were promised a completion date of April that year.  When we settled on our house we still did not have a sidewalk , driveway and our yard had not been graded. It was finally graded in July 

 During this time frame the water that was pumped into our yard 10 foot from the house would seep down to the sump pump and recycle back out to the yard  this caused 15 foot mud pit which you could sink to your knees in.  Berks Homes assured us when they graded the yard the water issue would be resolved.

When the drought of 2001 had finally ended late Sept early October 2002. we started to notice a puddle forming in the back yard. it would last for hours then dissipate. we thought this was normal due to it was a drain path for normal storm water. Unfortunately this was not the case. By mid December 2002 we had a 20 foot ice rink from the puddle freezing.  We figured in the spring the ice would melt and the water would dissipate.

AGAIN WE WERE WRONG - The puddle melted and became an eyesore not to mention that the entire left side side of our yard was becoming a swamp. 

We had called Berks Homes and they stated that it worked for a year and our warranty had expired "  tough luck ".  We stated that the year it worked we were in drought and that they promised that once the yard was graded it would fix the problem which it didn't.  

We since have been  trying to get Berks Homes to fix the issue, The Borough of Honey Brook has ignored our Plea's along with the pleas of Senators Wengers office.  Our sump pump discharges every 30 Sec at a interval of 10 sec per discharge.  Our engineer stated that it pumps 1100 gallons a day.  Not to mention the floor to ceiling foundation cracks from the water pressure against the walls

Berks Homes  state their customer service is excellent .  If you are considering buying a Berks Home Look at the Links to the right and think carefully before you spend you life's savings to buy your home.

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